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Paradise of Lake Baikal

Mamay is an amazing place, not only because that wonderful guest house “Mamay Baikal” has excellent, clean and very beautiful sandy beach in the five hundred meters. And not just because that is not where you look, there is the beautiful enchanting mountain ranges with snow-capped even in summer. But because even though this place is not so far from the city, but here, you will understand how this place peacefully and as far away from the urban bustle. And note that it is also a center of freeride life of two areas of our country: the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. The fun is rarely interrupted here even for a couple of days in winter season. Roar of snowmobile engines, snowboarding and skiing on the fresh, white and deep snow powder. All this awaits you! In the summer of course quieter, but it is also a huge plus, it is always nice to be alone on the sandy shore of the lake and enjoy the spectacular sunset and the beauty of this nature!

That is the nature of this paradise is open to you at any time of the year, and here we are always welcome to visit our guest house “Mamay Baikal”!

Not less important!

We have a loyal policy of working with clients. Therefore, with timely treatment, we are always ready to go for you to meet and solve any difficult situation, including those related to the cancellation of reservation and refund. We hope that you will not want to change his opinion, but still strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of staying in the guest house “Mamay Baikal”, the terms of cancellation and return, our privacy policy and other important information.

Features and amenities

  • Cafe
  • Loundry
  • Appliances
  • Bath
  • Pool
  • Brazier
  • Parking
  • Storage chambers
  • WiFi

Active rest

In the summer from our guest house you will be able to go hiking in the mountains, in the forest or along the coast of the lake, ride on the boats and to fish. In the winter you can ride on  snowboards or ski in the mountains, or on the cross-country ski or skates on the ice of Lake Baikal.


You can enjoy free internet access throughout the guest house via WiFi.


Also we have free private parking for our guests.

Зима на Мамае

Freeride on Mamay mountain

If you love extreme sports and ride well on ski or snowboard, then your skiing on the resorts is only workout before the real freeride that awaits you on Mamay mountain. In this amazing place this type of holiday is very well developed, but nevertheless remains a real “true” backcountry. Compared with the same Sheregesh moutain or popular today Krasnaya Polyana resort. And the difference is the lack of rope ways. You will think that the walk up the hill is unbearable torment, but believe me, it’s better than ever 10 minutes after opening the elevators, even a single way to ride does not remain on a slopes. Especially now we have the opportunity to climb the mountain by snowmobile. So here you will truly appreciate the essence of the backcountry. And you will love this type of vacation with all your heart or you will reject it categorically. Check for yourself! It’s worth it!

Подлёдная ловля

Under-ice fishing

The lake Baikal is transformed into a huge skating rink in winter. And you avid fisherman, then go to drill the holes in the ice, drinking hot tea, conduct interviews and of course catch fish. And Baikal omul is one big and powerful argument, among other features of your catch. It is very delicious fish and can you catch it yourself.

Хотелось бы оставить отзыв об отдыхе в этом чудесном месте! Наконец-то выбрались с мужем вдвоем отдохнуть,хотелось поехать в такое место чтобы было тихо,спокойной без лишней суеты. Через знакомых узнали про гостевой домик “Мамайбайкал”, решили рвануть именно туда и не пожалели. Добирались от Иркутска до места отдыха на автомобиле 193 км. Ну и от автодороги еще 500 метров. Встретила нас хозяйка Наталья. Расположили в гостевом доме на втором этаже. В комнате ничего лишнего кровати,столик и стулья,все из дерева. А какой запах ммммм. Я переживала,что туалет на улице,но сразу успокоилась когда осмотрели территорию. Все очень цивильно и чисто. Трапезничали мы в кухне. До Байкала от гостевого домика идти 400 метров,но нужно переходить желелезнодорожные пути,нас это ни сколько не смутило. Зато какой Байкал красота,шикарный песчаный пляж. Вода теплая. Вечером играли в карты с соседями по комнате в кухне,слушали музыку. (семье из Хомутово привет😀) вообщем отдых удался. Нам все очень понравилось. Обязательно посетим это место еще раз!!!!!! Хозяевам процветания и по больше отдыхающих!!!

Feedback on stay in the guest house “Mamay Baikal”: Thank you for a nice holiday! We was there with my husband and both remained with positive emotions. There was new rooms, bathhouse is very good, quiet location, close to Lake Baikal, Natalia – hostess, very cheerful and pleasant. A special thanks you for the morning pancakes with strawberries, my husband loved it. We advise everyone to visit that place! 🙂

I returned from Mamay mountain and want to share my impressions. I does not know anything before the trip to camp Mamay, and quite accidentally found that guest house on the Internet open spaces. It drew me, of course, by the presence of pages with photos and reviews. We looked, revered and it was decided to go to “Mamay Baikal”. And, you know, I don’t regret it!) This camp site is small, it is a plus for me, because I’m tired of the large crowd. In the room was wooden cabinet and very good bed! It was very important for us. In the dining room was much light, you can eat there at anytime. The food home-cooked by Natalia herself, vegetables from her gardens, everything was delicious. Amazingly active and positive person Natalia (hostess), told and advised us a couple of places to stay. Overall, I enjoyed it, and recommend it))) and I am glad to show you our photo report on the trip to Mamay, Vydrino and Khamar-Daban. Good luck to all! Photos can be seen here.

In this week we decided to rest on the southern shore of Lake Байкал and call in a private estate of Mamay, near Vydrino. Hostess Natalia greeted us warmly on the threshold. Unfortunately the guest house was full (better to book in advance). Natalya held a short tour of the manor house, said on local attractions and fed us the excellent lunch prepared at home!!! That was sooooo delicious! I noted for myself that hostess treats each guest with care and attention. The farmstead is not too large, neat and comfortable. There are well-appointed bonfire. There is beautifull nature around, and few people on the shore! This is a paradise for the city dweller!

We was several days in the Natalya’s guest house. Natalia is always available on the phone, very friendly, lively and joyful. Her staff – kind assistants, sympathetic and always ready to help. Guest House is close to Lake Baikal, and if you not lazy you can reach the mountains. In the room where we slept was warm, dry and clean. The house has a cozy lounge, where you can drink tea and eat. Thank you!

Нина Неверова
Nina Neverova